Willow’s Week


In maths, we spent over a week learning long division. We found it quite tricky at first but as we spent more time on it, it became easier. We learnt about chunking and drop down method which are different ways to do long division. Most of us prefer drop down (it’s quicker) but a few of us have chosen chunking as our preferred method. 

This week in art, we made Giacometti style sculptures. We twisted a long piece of wire into a basic human shape. From there, we used aluminium foil and wrapped the wire. We also bent the figures into actions, some people did handstands and cartwheels, others chose to make dancing figures. After this was done, we used mod rock and moulded it around them.

In music, we have been working on the song ‘Happy’ and doing clapping, singing, dancing and having lots of fun. In P.E we have been split up into group and have been doing disco dancing.

by Belle and Thomas

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