Willow Class weekly round up

At the beginning of the week, we were able to make the most of the good weather by playing netball in the sunshine.We have been working hard on passing accuracy, correct footwork and starting to think about attacking tactics.

In maths we have been fine tuning our formal written methods of addition and subtraction, then applying them to word problems and puzzles. We also looked closely at nets of 3D shapes this week and know the difference between open and closed nets.

Grammar has been a big focus in English lessons – we have recapped our knowledge of apostrophes for contraction and possession, as well as learning about Standard English. We went on to rewrite scenes from our class novel Letters from the lighthouse whilst applying these skills. It proved quite tricky to use different dialect for certain characters!

After we developed our map work, looked at timelines and researched his life using the laptops, we wrote biographies for our first explorer Captain Cook.  We hope to share these double page spreads next week.

Finally, this afternoon, we were lucking enough to take part in a virtual talk with Who Let the Gods out Author Maz Evans. She spoke very passionately about her book collection, how she became an author and what inspired her to write. The second part of the session was a question and answer session which we particularly enjoyed. All of the children spoke confidently and clearly – well done!


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