What a knight!

What a knight was fantastic! We’ve never heard so many people complimenting us on our incredible acting, singing, dancing and comic timing!

The story was set on King Arthur’s birthday. The evil black knight uses Camelot’s merrymaking for a chance to attack. She kidnaps Arthur’s daughters in an attempt to get Excalibur. The knights ( thinking they have got Merlins strength potions) try to rescue the prisoners. However, it turns out they had animal potions and turned into animals!

So, instead of the knights, Princess Alice, Watt Cobblers and Dusty the dragon save the prisoners and return to Camelot triumphant. The black knight crashes the party thinking she’s got Excalibur but actually it’s a feather duster! Alice and Watt the defat the black knight, Merlin finds Excalibur and Watt becomes a knight!

What a hero….What an inspiration….What a knight!

By Daniel, Matthew and Luka.

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