Magnificent Maps – Global Week 2020

This week has been Global Week in school and every class has focused on Magnificent Maps.

Willow Class started off the week by exploring this brilliant book:

After this, we took inspiration from these fictional maps and created our own:

Throughout the rest of the week, we used these maps in English lessons to write about our imaginary world – focusing on using a range of clauses and conjunctions and developing our use of conversation between characters.

We spent several afternoon sessions studying ordinance survey (OS) maps – we matched OS symbols to their names, directed our partner to places using 8 points on a compass and went on to use 6 point grid references too to crack a code!

We also looked closely at the continent of South America – working in pairs, we found out about a certain country within the continent. We were challenged to use this book:

as well as atlases and Google Earth to find out the capital city, land types, population, languages spoken, food, wildlife and past times.

Finally, we looked at maps in maths. We looked at the population of each country in South America and created a colour coded key with a scale system. The more densely populated areas we coloured in darker colours. Do have a look at the Global Week video on the school website to find out more about this….

Finally well done to our pumpkin carving competition winner!


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