It’s all about teamwork…

This week in Willow Class we have been really trying to develop our team work skills through a variety of activities and in different curriculum areas.

On Monday afternoon, we continued with our football lessons. We focused on passing this week and ensuring that we communicated with team mates so that we could pass effectively without a defender  intercepting.

Later in the week, we had to work on our partner talk skills in order to complete a computing task. We started by designing a new world on paper before replicating this in Kodu. Some of us worked so well with our partners that we even went on to start designing games too. We are really enjoying using Kodu this term!

We have almost finished designing and colouring our odd socks for Anti Bullying Week and will display them in class when they’re all done – we really took our time with colouring! As we did this, we discussed the importance of appreciating everyone’s differences and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness.

Another hard-working well Willow Class! Well done!

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