Global Week

A very busy Global Week which began with us chalking our long division on the front playground.

In our English work, we are looking at creating stories that build tension and excitement (and are also a little bit scary). To help us with this we went out onto the field for descriptive writing. However, we had to turn this familiar setting into something  much scarier and darker. Here are a selection of some of the sentences we came up with:

As I walk past the play equipment, it seemed lost – abandoned even. Rusty chains hang from above. A children’s prison. Isabel

Above me, a murder of crows fly across the pewter-coloured sky. Trees stood lonely, their branches clawed out towards me. Their rickety roots entrenched in the crumbly mud, entwining and locking them into place.  India

The leaves up ahead blocked out the sun, casting long, dark shadows.  Brown crusts emerged on the light, green summery leaves. William

Below me a frost settled, a single spider, a single autumn leaf. Amelie

Swings sway in the breeze, creating long pitch-black shadows stretching out before me. Harry

In front of me, writhing twisting branches stood still like a troupe of flamenco dancers; each one reaching out to touch the mysterious shadows. Bethan

We also discussed how we’d like to improve the area outside the classroom. The children are keen to make it a pleasant outside space for us to use in drier weather. Here is what they read out in school meeting.

We’d like to create an outside area where we can work in a small group with an adult or without! (We are the oldest class!) We already have a bench table but we need to make it a bit nicer to work there. Mrs Ashby has asked our handyman to make 3 planters. We’re going to put herbs in one including Rosemary which Mrs Ashby tells us is really good for our memories. We want to put tomatoes and strawberries in another and have a go at growing vegetables in another one.

Willow Class also took ownership of one of the raised beds. We’re hoping that the garden centre will help us to plan what to plant but we have our own ideas! They are very keen to have a bee hotel for solitary bees and lots of bee friendly plants that will flower in different seasons.

We also found a dry spell to get outside and write some Anglo-Saxon runes!




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