Circles and setting descriptions.

In Maths today we continued to construct circles. Some of us then went on to construct semi-circles, quadrants and sectors of circles which involved us using a pair of compasses and a protractor! At the end of the lesson Mrs Wren challenged us to construct patterns using 5 or 7 circles of the same size.

In English we have started to explore the setting description in the Harry Potter series. We split into 2 groups to use talk 4 writing. One half of the class were looking at the moving staircases and the other half looked at Gringotts – the wizarding bank. We have started to realise that J.K.Rowling has used expanded noun phrases, senses and figurative language in her setting descriptions. We look forward to our trip to Warner Brother Studios tomorrow where we will experience some of the sets used in the Harry Potter films.

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