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Learning in willow class

This week in Willow class we had a cricket session with an instructor who came in to teach us bowling, batting and fielding which was super fun.

In English this week, we have been planning suspense stories on an app called Popplet and we were creating an ideas board to help us visualise settings and characters. Next week, we will write them and try to include dialogue to advance the action which is another skill we have worked on in our grammar lesson. Look out for our finished stories soon!

By Thomas and Alfie.

The start of term 5…

Maths: This week in Maths, we showed our respect to Captain Sir Tom Moore by taking part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge. We were given four of the number five and could use any mathematical operation to make 100. For example: 5×5=25. 25 squared =625. 625 divided by 5=125. 125-(5 squared)=100.

On Wednesday, a skipping coach was invited into school to work with each class on skipping techniques. The school bought every pupil a skipping rope. He thought us cross skipping, double under and many more impressive techniques.

Last Thursday was World Earth Day and Willow Class focused on How to save Bees. We read lots of information about bees from texts, websites and through watching videos. We used the information we had learnt about to write informative posters. We also linked this to our Art lesson and learnt to draw a detailed sketch of a Bumble Bee. We focused on shading and looking really closely to make careful observations.

Look out for pictures on Mrs Wren’s Twitter feed. @MrsFWren

By Belle and Inigo

Christmas carols, crafts and cards!

This week Willow Class have been working hard on all things Christmas related!

We enjoyed preparing for our KS2 Carol Service, taking the lead in several carols, Bible readings and linking the service together. We can’t wait for you to see the final service which should be available on the school website early next week. Our favourite part was definitely performing our class song: Santa Claus is coming to town! Here is a behind the scenes shot!

We have spent lots of time this week making Christmas wreaths to sell to parents. Mrs Wren was extremely impressed with our persuasive adverts too and we hope you are able to support the School Council and buy them via School Gateway!

We have also had the responsibility of sorting the Christmas cards in ‘sorting teams’ at lunchtimes! This is one of our favourite Y6 jobs!

We ended the week with a very successful round of Multiplication Awards. A special mention to Ned, Ellen and Mollie W who all successfully completed The Champion’s Cup which includes 100 multiplication and division missing box questions in 2 1/2 minutes! A brilliant achievement!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….in Willow Class! 🎄

In RE this week, we have been researching Christian peace makers. Most of us chose Owen Thomas who fought in WW1 and lived locally in Devizes. We are finding out how he followed Jesus’ teachings to prevent conflict in a peaceful way. We are continuing with this next week….

In topic work, we carried out an investigation to see how different types of bird’s beaks have evolved so that they can pick up different types of food more effectively . First of all we made some predictions before trying out pegs, tweezers, chopsticks etc (beaks) with different food (pipe cleaners, play dough etc). We recorded our results and wrote up our experiment later in the week.

As requested by school council, our classroom has had a sprinkling of Christmas decorations to get us in the festive spirit! On Thursday, with Mrs Butler, we made paper chains, snowflakes and beautiful hanging baubles. We think they look brilliant!

For our class advent calendar this year, Mrs Wren has given us some sweets but also we open a card each day. It reveals an act of kindness which the whole class try to achieve the following day. So far we have had: share a smile, give a compliment, pick up litter and lay the table at home.

We have also started making our class Christmas crafts ready to sell to parents at the end of term (more information to follow). We are really enjoying making our Christmas wreaths!

Willow classes week.

In art we were sketching and drawing animals with Mrs Butler. We were trying really hard with our sketching techniques and are really pleased with all of our drawings. Here are some of our drawings.

In maths this week we have been learning to round decimals, and secure our knowledge of place value of decimals. Some of us went onto challenge questions too.


Written by Thomas.

It’s all about teamwork…

This week in Willow Class we have been really trying to develop our team work skills through a variety of activities and in different curriculum areas.

On Monday afternoon, we continued with our football lessons. We focused on passing this week and ensuring that we communicated with team mates so that we could pass effectively without a defender  intercepting.

Later in the week, we had to work on our partner talk skills in order to complete a computing task. We started by designing a new world on paper before replicating this in Kodu. Some of us worked so well with our partners that we even went on to start designing games too. We are really enjoying using Kodu this term!

We have almost finished designing and colouring our odd socks for Anti Bullying Week and will display them in class when they’re all done – we really took our time with colouring! As we did this, we discussed the importance of appreciating everyone’s differences and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness.

Another hard-working well Willow Class! Well done!

We will remember

The start of this week focused on Remembrance. We researched about the fallen from the local area and created silhouette soldiers which are proudly displayed in the hall windows. Everyone in Willow Class also had a role in the Remembrance Service on Wednesday – either speaking, taking charge of IT or laying poppies. Thank you to those parents who joined us via Teams – we know there were a few technical difficulties but we were so proud of the children who spoke so sincerely during the service.

In maths, this week, we have been really getting to grips with using bar models to solve the White Rose Barvember questions. Most of us are now confident to attempt these independently and some of us can answer both questions without any need for an example too! Do follow Mrs Wren’s twitter feed for daily updates.

In English, we have started a new writing unit about refugees. This links to our class novel The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We have explored a model text and pieced it together, displaying brilliant partner work. After this, we have heard different stories about refugees: Azzi In Between – a comic book, The day war came – a picture book and also Hamam’s story – a real life recount. We have had some really mature discussions around this topic and researched lots of statistics from various charity websites to help us with our writing in the weeks to come.

In RE,  on Friday, we looked at the Bible and how it is made up of many stories. We explored the different concepts covered in the Bible and matched symbols to concept names, before ordering them. This has helped us understand where our new unit Incarnation will come in the Bible.

Finally, a huge congratulations to the first two children selected for Mrs Brewis’ Always Club – Molly and Luca. They enjoyed hot chocolate and cake on Friday afternoon for ALWAYS doing the right thing this week!

Magnificent Maps – Global Week 2020

This week has been Global Week in school and every class has focused on Magnificent Maps.

Willow Class started off the week by exploring this brilliant book:

After this, we took inspiration from these fictional maps and created our own:

Throughout the rest of the week, we used these maps in English lessons to write about our imaginary world – focusing on using a range of clauses and conjunctions and developing our use of conversation between characters.

We spent several afternoon sessions studying ordinance survey (OS) maps – we matched OS symbols to their names, directed our partner to places using 8 points on a compass and went on to use 6 point grid references too to crack a code!

We also looked closely at the continent of South America – working in pairs, we found out about a certain country within the continent. We were challenged to use this book:

as well as atlases and Google Earth to find out the capital city, land types, population, languages spoken, food, wildlife and past times.

Finally, we looked at maps in maths. We looked at the population of each country in South America and created a colour coded key with a scale system. The more densely populated areas we coloured in darker colours. Do have a look at the Global Week video on the school website to find out more about this….

Finally well done to our pumpkin carving competition winner!


A busy end of term in Year 6

This week, Willow Class have worked incredibly hard in all areas of the curriculum.

In maths, I was impressed with their determination to learn the rules of BODMAS. By the end of the second day the whole class had mastered this new skill – just brilliant!

After a very competitive and well fought Times Table Rock Stars Tournament, we were also delighted that 3 members of the class progressed with their Multiplication Award…

In English this week we finished reading our class novel, Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. We went on to write some letters to her, explaining how we’ve used her book to inspire our writing this term and asking her questions about the writing process. We really hope she replies so we can add he response to our new school Author Wall!

As well as this, all of the children completed a presentation to the class on some project work they had been preparing for the last few weeks. They were asked to contrast and compare an aspect of Shackleton’s Journey with that of the more modern Ice Maidens. We had a a whole range of innovative PowerPoints, Flyers, posters and audience participation. Here are a few…

An incredibly busy but extremely rewarding end to Term 1. Well done Willow Class 😆🌟

Willow’s Week


In maths, we spent over a week learning long division. We found it quite tricky at first but as we spent more time on it, it became easier. We learnt about chunking and drop down method which are different ways to do long division. Most of us prefer drop down (it’s quicker) but a few of us have chosen chunking as our preferred method. 

This week in art, we made Giacometti style sculptures. We twisted a long piece of wire into a basic human shape. From there, we used aluminium foil and wrapped the wire. We also bent the figures into actions, some people did handstands and cartwheels, others chose to make dancing figures. After this was done, we used mod rock and moulded it around them.

In music, we have been working on the song ‘Happy’ and doing clapping, singing, dancing and having lots of fun. In P.E we have been split up into group and have been doing disco dancing.

by Belle and Thomas