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This week in Willow Class.

RE- In RE this week, we were in groups of threes or fours and we were focusing on the 10 commandments. Each group was given a sheet with the commandments on. We did different drama styles like mime, freeze frame and acting.
Topic- In topic we were learning about Charles Darwin and his discoveries of different species and his theory of evolution. We were talking about his specimen charts and the range of colours used to record flora and fauna. We created our own colour charts by mixing colours and annotating with colour descriptions.

On Thursday We created our Christmas card designs called The 12 robins of Christmas. We hope you received copies via seesaw.

by Belle and Thomas (e-safety cadets)

Willow Class weekly round up

At the beginning of the week, we were able to make the most of the good weather by playing netball in the sunshine.We have been working hard on passing accuracy, correct footwork and starting to think about attacking tactics.

In maths we have been fine tuning our formal written methods of addition and subtraction, then applying them to word problems and puzzles. We also looked closely at nets of 3D shapes this week and know the difference between open and closed nets.

Grammar has been a big focus in English lessons – we have recapped our knowledge of apostrophes for contraction and possession, as well as learning about Standard English. We went on to rewrite scenes from our class novel Letters from the lighthouse whilst applying these skills. It proved quite tricky to use different dialect for certain characters!

After we developed our map work, looked at timelines and researched his life using the laptops, we wrote biographies for our first explorer Captain Cook.  We hope to share these double page spreads next week.

Finally, this afternoon, we were lucking enough to take part in a virtual talk with Who Let the Gods out Author Maz Evans. She spoke very passionately about her book collection, how she became an author and what inspired her to write. The second part of the session was a question and answer session which we particularly enjoyed. All of the children spoke confidently and clearly – well done!


Superb School Council speeches and so much more…

This week has been jam-packed: looking at inspirational women in whole class reading, solving puzzles involving negative numbers, finishing our work on the Here We Are text, exploring the life of Martin Luther King Jnr for Re day and of course the much anticipated school council speeches.

Here is the final ‘Here We Are’ display in our classroom. This week we have discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, thought about how we are all unique (see if you can spot our self-portraits), written setting descriptions and explored acts of kindness during the pandemic.

Thursday was Re day and this year we looked at people whose faith inspires them. We looked at the life of Martin Luther King Jnr. After watching videos and reading different texts we gathered information to write biographies. We wrote these into circular books which are now hung in the classroom. There is also a video on the school website of a couple of us sharing these – do take a look.

This afternoon, 9 very brave members of Willow Class put themselves forward to become members of the Executive Committee for School Council. All of the children spoke clearly and confidently and suggested such a variety of brilliant ideas (many of which are very different to previous years due to the current situation). They delivered their speeches via a Teams Meeting to the children in other classes which was very nerve racking in itself. A huge well done to all of them. Results will be announced on Monday afternoon, once Oak Class have had a chance to watch the speeches too.

First full week in Year 6

Willow Class have been hard at work since returning from the summer break. We have fully embraced work linked to our class book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. On Monday we took part in a question and answer session with Devizes MP, Danny Kruger. We asked questions about how the government would continue the positive environmental impacts of lockdown. Everyone thought of brilliant questions and those who spoke in the live Teams meeting did so confidently and eloquently.

We have also created posters to go up around school to encourage the community to help maintain the positive impact of lockdown on the environment.

Later in the week, we went outside to look up at the sky. We made close observations and noted down what we could hear and feel. From these ideas, we painted the day skyline and went on to write poems entitled Day Walker inspired by Phillip Gross’ Night Walker poem.

All classes are currently focusing on work based around this text as a back to school community project. Do check out our school Twitter updates for more photos @w_woodborough

In maths, as well as concentrating on place value and rounding numbers, we have been reminding ourselves of all 2D shapes and their properties. We enjoyed working in pairs and  labelling 2D shapes on our desks this week.

In addition to this, we’ve started finding out about Captain Cook for our Explorers topic, learnt about Giacometti in art, recapped netball passing skills in PE, discussed the life of a slave in Ancient Egypt to launch our RE topic and enjoyed the beginning of our Happy unit in music! It has certainly been a busy 8 days!


Book Week

We’ve had a very busy book week!

Our new book area looks fab! Many thanks to all those parents who’ve helped and donated cushions and beanbags and especially Mrs Tilbury for pulling it all together. 😁

Our book this week was The Arrival by Shaun Tan. It tells the story of a refugee who tries to make a new life in a bewildering and confusing land. The pictures are brilliant and very atmospheric. We’ve loved reading the pictures and discussing the issues involved in the story. We’ve written poems and described what it might be like arriving in a new land. We also composed some music to go with one of the pictures.

We also enjoyed reading with Oak Class earlier on in the week.

The whole school story was an epic! Willow Class had to conclude the story and draw all the different threads together. Not an easy task after every class has added their bit!  We were then joined by some Lavington students who helped us turn our section of the story into a comic strip.

The Book Week school meeting was confidently compered by Bethan and Thomas followed by School Council organising a second hand book sale.

Not connected with Book Week, but Monday afternoon was judging day for our Youth Speaks competition. Well done to Thomas, Harry, Oliver and William who were the winning group with their talk about the trenches. They go through to the final in Devizes next week.


Global Week

A very busy Global Week which began with us chalking our long division on the front playground.

In our English work, we are looking at creating stories that build tension and excitement (and are also a little bit scary). To help us with this we went out onto the field for descriptive writing. However, we had to turn this familiar setting into something  much scarier and darker. Here are a selection of some of the sentences we came up with:

As I walk past the play equipment, it seemed lost – abandoned even. Rusty chains hang from above. A children’s prison. Isabel

Above me, a murder of crows fly across the pewter-coloured sky. Trees stood lonely, their branches clawed out towards me. Their rickety roots entrenched in the crumbly mud, entwining and locking them into place.  India

The leaves up ahead blocked out the sun, casting long, dark shadows.  Brown crusts emerged on the light, green summery leaves. William

Below me a frost settled, a single spider, a single autumn leaf. Amelie

Swings sway in the breeze, creating long pitch-black shadows stretching out before me. Harry

In front of me, writhing twisting branches stood still like a troupe of flamenco dancers; each one reaching out to touch the mysterious shadows. Bethan

We also discussed how we’d like to improve the area outside the classroom. The children are keen to make it a pleasant outside space for us to use in drier weather. Here is what they read out in school meeting.

We’d like to create an outside area where we can work in a small group with an adult or without! (We are the oldest class!) We already have a bench table but we need to make it a bit nicer to work there. Mrs Ashby has asked our handyman to make 3 planters. We’re going to put herbs in one including Rosemary which Mrs Ashby tells us is really good for our memories. We want to put tomatoes and strawberries in another and have a go at growing vegetables in another one.

Willow Class also took ownership of one of the raised beds. We’re hoping that the garden centre will help us to plan what to plant but we have our own ideas! They are very keen to have a bee hotel for solitary bees and lots of bee friendly plants that will flower in different seasons.

We also found a dry spell to get outside and write some Anglo-Saxon runes!




Leavers’ BBQ

Last night everyone enjoyed team games, dancing, delicious food, an incredible cake and so much more.

Willow Class would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who worked so hard to put together such a memorable evening 😀

Here are a few highlights from the evening…..

What a knight!

What a knight was fantastic! We’ve never heard so many people complimenting us on our incredible acting, singing, dancing and comic timing!

The story was set on King Arthur’s birthday. The evil black knight uses Camelot’s merrymaking for a chance to attack. She kidnaps Arthur’s daughters in an attempt to get Excalibur. The knights ( thinking they have got Merlins strength potions) try to rescue the prisoners. However, it turns out they had animal potions and turned into animals!

So, instead of the knights, Princess Alice, Watt Cobblers and Dusty the dragon save the prisoners and return to Camelot triumphant. The black knight crashes the party thinking she’s got Excalibur but actually it’s a feather duster! Alice and Watt the defat the black knight, Merlin finds Excalibur and Watt becomes a knight!

What a hero….What an inspiration….What a knight!

By Daniel, Matthew and Luka.

House sports competitions

The last couple of weeks have been jam packed and full of sport. At the KS2 Swimming Gala, everyone swam brilliantly and contributed towards points for their houses in both individual and relay races. The overall champions were Mercury house who will be a watched the Woodborough School Swimming Cup.

Last week, it was our annual Sports Day. In the morning, each child in KS2 took part in individual sprints, vortex throws, relay races, standing long jump and the long distance run. Y6 house captains were given the task of explaining the values for the day and looking for examples of this in both morning and afternoons competitions. They also did a brilliant job helping run the KS1 events in the afternoon. This year, the house who won the Sports Day cup were Venus.

Today was the final house competition of the year – House Rounders. The Y5/6 competition was very close and there was superb fielding and batting by house teams. Overall winners for Y5/6 were Jupiter! These scores will be added to the Y3/4 and KS1 results and the winners of the rounders house shield will be revealed in School Meeting on Friday.