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The Full Stop Day.

Final photos from what was an emotional yet memorable final day for Willow Class. Well done everyone. Have a fabulous summer and good luck at your secondary schools. Mrs Wren x

Parents – I will send you information later in the summer about how to download all of the work that has been uploaded on seesaw this year.

Leavers’ BBQ

On Wednesday evening we all enjoyed the leavers’ BBQ. There was volley ball, giant jenga, an amazing assault course, photo booth, wii dance and face painting. Thank you to all of the parents who helped, but especially Mrs Hickman for great organisation,  Mr Napier for the assault course and Mrs Hickman Snr for the delicious cake! Here are a few photos from the evening…

Monday’s sponsored walk

On Monday all of Willow Class took part in a sponsored walk alongside other classes in KS2. The school council had organised for us to walk a circular loop along Smithy Lane and around surrounding fields and farmland. We all enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together in the last few days of primary school. Sponsorship money should be sent to Mrs Hobbs in a named envelope with the sponsorship forms by Friday.


Junior Good Citizen

All of year six went to the scout hut in Pottern. When we arrived we had lunch and then we started are activities. There were numerous activities like:how to put someone in the recovery position;learning about prisons; learning about electronic fires and learning about unfamiliar places. We had a certain amount of time and we got points for how well we listened and worked as a team. We had an interesting and enjoyable day.

by Fred

Art week display

On Friday the ‘Trust’ art group spent the morning finishing all of our artwork. We then worked together to help display our creations. Our work looked brilliant on display at the end of the day and we enjoyed sharing our work from the week with our parents. We hope you all enjoyed our balance inspired dance at the end of the afternoon. Thank you to the parents who helped make the stunning banners for the school hall – we think the trust banner looks particularly vibrant 😀

Day 4 of art week

Today we looked at the bible story of Elijah in the desert. The Y5 and 6 children acted it our for the younger children to watch. We discussed how the story demonstrates that we can trust in God. After this we worked in groups to create a storyboard of it – we used collage and had to trust each other when working in a group.



Day 3 Of art week…

Today in my art group we finished our paper people – can you tell who we trust?

After this, we focused on the birds from our banner. KS1 used finger paints in red, green, yellow, blue and purple. These are the colours each group are focusing on this year. We will cut these out tomorrow to display. They also weaved paper which we are going to turn into  a bird nest.

At the same time, KS2 created material birds using vibrant colours. These are similar to the birds that we are using on our banner.

Day 2 of art week.

Today we thought about how our hands are a symbol of trust. On our banner, a hand is held out and birds are flying into it. We have started to create a piece of artwork with our hands which links to a Bible quote.  This will be finished tomorrow…

During the morning, some of us also continued with sewing details on the birds ready for our beautiful banner.

At the end of the morning we thought about people who we trust. We started to design clothes for small paper people and will finish these off tomorrow.