Art, milkshakes and rounders 😀

Today we enjoyed a range of post-SATs activities. We spent the morning creating pieces of artwork for the North Newnton Church art exhibition.  The pieces had to be our favourite thing in nature and we could use sketching pencils or water colour paints.

Whilst this was going on, we also made smoothies and milkshakes! Some of us made mango smoothie, whereas others chose from oreo, galaxy or milky bar milkshakes. They were delicious! It was also very funny when Mrs Redpath had a near milkshake disaster! In addition to this we started listening to the audio book of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in preparation for our trip next Wednesday.

Some of us were interviewed by BBC Radio Wiltshire and will feature on the afternoon show each day next week. Please see details on this weeks school newsletter. Well done to those children who spoke clearly me with confidence.

At lunchtime the heavens opened and we were slightly concerned that the sports afternoon we had planned would be rained off! However much to our delight, the clouds passed and the sun came out in the afternoon meaning we played a very impressive game of rounders.


A fun-filled day in Willow Class




3 thoughts on “Art, milkshakes and rounders 😀

  1. Sounds like a well-deserved day of post-SATs fun – well done everyone in Willow Class for completing all your SATs and well done to Mrs Wren too for all her hard word.

  2. Well done on working so hard for your SATs Year 6. It’s good to hear you had a fun and relaxing day today! Enjoy the weekend (with no homework!)

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