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A busy end of term in Year 6

This week, Willow Class have worked incredibly hard in all areas of the curriculum.

In maths, I was impressed with their determination to learn the rules of BODMAS. By the end of the second day the whole class had mastered this new skill – just brilliant!

After a very competitive and well fought Times Table Rock Stars Tournament, we were also delighted that 3 members of the class progressed with their Multiplication Award…

In English this week we finished reading our class novel, Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. We went on to write some letters to her, explaining how we’ve used her book to inspire our writing this term and asking her questions about the writing process. We really hope she replies so we can add he response to our new school Author Wall!

As well as this, all of the children completed a presentation to the class on some project work they had been preparing for the last few weeks. They were asked to contrast and compare an aspect of Shackleton’s Journey with that of the more modern Ice Maidens. We had a a whole range of innovative PowerPoints, Flyers, posters and audience participation. Here are a few…

An incredibly busy but extremely rewarding end to Term 1. Well done Willow Class 😆🌟

Willow’s Week


In maths, we spent over a week learning long division. We found it quite tricky at first but as we spent more time on it, it became easier. We learnt about chunking and drop down method which are different ways to do long division. Most of us prefer drop down (it’s quicker) but a few of us have chosen chunking as our preferred method. 

This week in art, we made Giacometti style sculptures. We twisted a long piece of wire into a basic human shape. From there, we used aluminium foil and wrapped the wire. We also bent the figures into actions, some people did handstands and cartwheels, others chose to make dancing figures. After this was done, we used mod rock and moulded it around them.

In music, we have been working on the song ‘Happy’ and doing clapping, singing, dancing and having lots of fun. In P.E we have been split up into group and have been doing disco dancing.

by Belle and Thomas

Amazing artwork and wonderful writing

Giacometti Artwork

Over this term, we have been studying Giacometti’s sculptures in art. First we researched about him and his style of art. Then we had a try. First we used pipe cleaners to recreate his artwork, then we did a mini biography about him.  Finally, this week we got to use clay and we all made a clay man (even if it did take most of us five failed attempts).

Recounts as an evacuee

Over the last two weeks we have been taking inspiration from our class book, Letters from the lighthouse, and writing as an evacuee. We had fun making our own version of the main events of the book. Finally, after about a week of writing and editing we finished our amazing pieces of work.

By Inigo and Alfie

This week in Willow Class.

RE- In RE this week, we were in groups of threes or fours and we were focusing on the 10 commandments. Each group was given a sheet with the commandments on. We did different drama styles like mime, freeze frame and acting.
Topic- In topic we were learning about Charles Darwin and his discoveries of different species and his theory of evolution. We were talking about his specimen charts and the range of colours used to record flora and fauna. We created our own colour charts by mixing colours and annotating with colour descriptions.

On Thursday We created our Christmas card designs called The 12 robins of Christmas. We hope you received copies via seesaw.

by Belle and Thomas (e-safety cadets)