Monthly Archives: June 2019

An inspiring end to Art Week

On Friday morning, we finished our self-portraits in the style of Picasso by paining them with water colours. In addition to this, we completed our class animals – Phanto-Tigler – with the help of Mrs Burley and Mrs Sutherland.

We are all proud of our self-portraits that demonstrate ‘This Is Me’.

Thank you to those of you who joined us in the afternoon for our Art Week parade and display. Plus an extra special thank you to all of the parents who helped out in Willow Class this week – especially Mrs Burley who I think spent more time in school than she did at home! We really do appreciate the support.

Mrs Wren

Creativity continues…

Yesterday, saw our Willow Class creature really come to life. Thank you to Mrs Burley and Mrs Allen Wright for supporting the children with this. There are even more elements to add today and tomorrow – we can’t wait to show you the finished creature on Friday in Art Week School Meeting!

As well as this, we used our mask designs, which we completed for homework, to make our unique and colourful masks.

Picasso inspired self portraits!

Today we have been learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. We discovered that he created many self portraits which evolved over time.

We had a go at looking closely at different facial features and planning our self portraits. After this, we tried to create self portraits in the style of Picasso. We are really pleased with our line drawings and plan to paint them later in the week.

We have also started to decorate our Willow Class creature using acrylic paints. Thank you to Mrs Awoodun for her help this afternoon. We will be continuing painting tomorrow if any others parents are free to help.

Art Week – This is ME

It was a busy day, on Monday, in Willow Class as we started our art week projects. After hearing Mrs Barratt explain this year’s theme ‘ This is ME’, celebrating everyone being unique, special and themselves, we got to work in class.

As a class, we decided which animals best represent Willow Class. We combined these features to create our Willow Class Creature. We all had a go at drawing our creature and our two parent helpers Mrs Kinderman and Mrs Burley did an amazing job helping us construct the animal. Later on, we started to cover our creature in mod roc, this will form the hard base which we will paint and decorate during the week. Can you guess which animals we’ve incorporated?

As well as this, we’ve started to design our vibrant pebbles for Finlay’s Garden. Some of us got to paint the pebbles too.

Finally, some of us started working on our poster Woodborough which we will take to the Leavers’ Service at Salisbury Cathedral next Monday. The theme for the poster fits nicely with art week as it is to represent how Woodborough School is special and demonstrate the transition to secondary school.

Police Talk

This afternoon we were joined by PC Paul who talked to us about keeping safe in the community. We were reminded about how to contact the emergency services if we need to and know there are two telephone numbers we can use. Do ask us if we can explain when to use the two numbers. He talked us through all of the kit that policemen carry and we had lots of questions about this! PC Paul explained that our Golden Rules in school are very similar to the rules that the police force follow as well. We very much enjoyed our talk this afternoon.