Monthly Archives: May 2019

Ends of SATs reward

Willow Class got to chose what we could do for our end of SATs reward.

We chose cooking, rounders, woods, film and computing. We got to make rice-crispy cakes, we got to put on them smarties, sprinkles and marshmallows. They were very tasty and they did not make them back home. We all played a fun game of rounders and it was really close. The winners just won by a half.

In the afternoon, we went to the woods, we went into groups and made our own dens, lots of us used sticky weed. Today, we got to do computing and we got to choose what we could of done, many of us chose pivot animator we had good fun doing it. At the end of today,we got to watch Harry Potter because next topic we are looking at it.

By Ava

Cross-Section of Volcanoes 🌋

This week in Topic/Art we have been making- drawing- the cross section of volcanoes. We did this in pairs and threes. In the end they all looked amazing! Also, at the end we chose one of the cross sections- it had to be the best one of course- to draw onto our classroom display board. It was very hard to choose; Mrs Wren had to ask the other teachers to help her decide which one was best. By Mattie.

Active SPAG, active volcanoes and active PE!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been keeping active in all sorts of ways. In PE, we have been enjoying playing cricket. So far we have recapped fielding and bowling skills. Our overarm bowl is a work in progress!

We have continued to find out about active and dormant volcanoes in topic and computing lessons. We are using a combination of apps on the iPads in computing to create e-books. We have enjoyed finding out interesting facts about the different volcano types.

On Tuesday, we took our learning outside in English for a SPAG treasure hunt. We worked in pairs to hunt for SPAG questions but were also trying to develop our team work.