Monthly Archives: March 2019

A round up from last week

Last week we were so busy that we didn’t manage to blog as regularly as we usually do!

In Maths, we spent the week exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We enjoyed classifying 2D shapes and describing their features in groups. We did this by writing on our desks again….which we love!

As well as this we drew and made nets of 3D shapes.

On Thursday, World Poetry Day, our two judges – Mrs Brewis and Mrs Brown very impressed by all of our performance poems. Well done to everyone!

Anglo-Saxon Performance Poetry

This morning, we continued exploring Anglo -Saxon poetry in the form of riddles. We split into groups of 2/3 and had 20 minutes to prepare a performance of a riddle which we were given. We were asked to include expression, actions and confident, clear speaking. When we performed, the rest of the class had to guess what the riddle was about. All we knew was that each riddle was based on fighting and battles.

Everyone performed well and we managed to guess most of the riddles: shield, battle ram, bow, spear, chain mail and ballista.

Book Week finale – The Hot Air Balloon Debate

Huge congratulations to all of Willow Class who contributed to the live debate against Lime Class. A live debate was definitely challenging, nerve racking and thought provoking but I am immensely proud that every member of the class stood up and made a point 😃 Such a brilliant Willow Class effort meant that we won Emmeline Pankhurst the final place in the hot air balloon!

Mrs Wren

World Book Day 2019

WOW! What a fantastic effort everybody made with their inspiration figure costumes this year! Have a look at some of our costumes here….

Also a huge thank you to Mr Murrell who all inspired us this morning to follow our dreams…

Today we’ve enjoyed a book quiz, biography writing, debating and book week related art – a very busy World Book Day! We hope you’ll join us tomorrow at 2.15pm for our Book Week school meeting where we will be having a live debate with Year 5!

Mrs W

The Suffragettes

Today we have been finding out more amazing facts about Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes. Plus we finished our class book on her. This afternoon we have designed placards and posters which we will create on Thursday for our live debate!By Mattie

Great Grammar

Today in our English lesson, we played charades but we added a slight twist to the game instead of items like films and animals we used the SPaG mats and choose something off of there write it on a post it note stick it on a friends head. We played lots of people and had lots of fun during today’s lesson! We hope to play again soon.

By Alfie C