Monthly Archives: January 2019

Our first maths day!

Today we had Woodborough’s first ever maths day. In assembly Mrs Johanson introduced what year 6 were going to be learning about today. She only gave a very exiting clue that we had a special task.

In the morning, we started off our maths day by playing some exiting games including: snap, times table dominoes and fraction loop cards! After that, we went on to our normal lesson about algebra. We found out how to find multiple unknown facts and expressed it algebraically. It wasn’t as hard as it looked after we all got to grips with it.

As soon as break had finished, we went on to the special task that we had to do. Some of us need some practice on our long division so we did our practice on our tables with whiteboard pens! It was so fun but some of us felt a bit naughty because we ere writing on our desks!

In the afternoon, we had some fun in pairs doing space problems. There was a choice of mild medium or spicy- they were challenging!

By Amelia- Rose

Life expedition.

Today Willow Class went to the Life expedition in Pewsey church.

We learnt all about Jesus’s life and what he did – his miracles, parables and birth.

We went around with tablets and watch videos about what he did and we also had to talk about take part in the talking.

At the end we watched a video about the Easter story.

We really enjoyed and hope other classes will to.

By Ava and Skye.

Exploring ideas for suspense stories

Over the last few days in our English lessons we’ve been exploring ideas for suspense stories. These will of course link to our topic and so be set in space-themed worlds. We used the description of Jamie Drake’s space art to inspire the creation of our own planets or space scenes.

Following this, we wrote open questions for Jamie so we could find out more about these imagined worlds. We hot seated Jamie so he could answer the questions in role!

Willow Class Parent Workshop

All of the children spoke confidently whilst persuading parents to learn about their assigned subject area. After this, parents took part in topic, PE, art, computing, reading, maths and English activities. We think we taught the parents some new terminology (especially in maths and English)! Here are the children in action…

Out of this world

This afternoon we did topic and we learnt all about the different planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. So we had a sheet and wrote all the facts about the different planets. Then we did art – if you want to hear about it, you will need to come to Willow Class workshop on Friday.

By Millie

Squash for PE

Today, in the afternoon, we all played squash. First we all did a game where people had to jump over the lines by hardly moving your head. After that, we all did skill challenges with the rackets . Then we had a go hitting the balls on the wall. It was great fun!

By Luka

Out of this world

Willow Class have started the journey into the solar system. This term our space topic is called Out of this world. We continued devouring our new whole class book – The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge.

We were very excited that Christopher replied to Mrs Wren’s tweet last night and so we have written some questions for him which we hope he’ll answer.

As well as this we have created out topic front sheet covers and hope to add lots to our classroom display very soon…

First Day Back

First we started with our new class book ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’ by Christopher Edge. This story is about a child named Jamie Drake who has to stop aliens from coming to Earth.

In the afternoon we did squash this was our first lesson for some of us we had to do a warm up then a running test ,a game of sumo and a bouncing ball count.

Then we came into class and did computing which was SketchUp and built the outer walls and roof of our house.

By Ollie