Monthly Archives: December 2018

Final Thursday

This morning we finished our make do and mend toys. We are all very proud of how they turned out.

We also finished making our. Christmas decorations – a present from Mrs Wren.

As well as this we completed the last two matches of our mini netball tournament.

Finally this afternoon, we enjoyed a performance of Robin Hood at the pantomime. There were lots of songs and dances which we all very much enjoyed!

The Christmas party

On the 19.12.18 everyone met in the hall to have the Christmas lunch (party food). After that,we all went to our class rooms and did a few games. Willow Class (our class) did a fun quiz and there were funny team names: crazy candy canes, energetic elves, fabulous ball balls, mischievous elves and snowboarders. There were five rounds: general knowledge, complete the lyrics, guess the Christmas film, name the tune and unscramble the word. Then we went to the hall and had a little boogy and then played musical statues and then the corner game. When we had finished the under, over game, we announced the winners. In first place: Venus, then Jupiter, then Mars and in last Mercury.

By Kairan

Singing at the social club

This afternoon, we went to the social club and sang to the old people eating their lunch . They all enjoyed us singing and some were even singing along with us. I’m sure they enjoyed us. At the end, we had biscuits and cake with a drink of juice. We all enjoyed it and thank you all to the teachers who came along with us.

By Freya

Blanket stitch continues…

Today, Willow Class continued doing their WW2 toys. Most of us began to sew our toys while a few of us where still finishing the final details. We watched a video to remind us how to do blanket stitch. After that, we progressed onto making the toys and neatly doing the stitching. We are all improving our sewing and we would appreciate it very much if any of the adults were willing to come in and help us before the end of term.

By Molly

Judo today

Today on the 6th of December we did our judo assessment (the practical test). We did seven tests: 3 knee wazer and tach u wazer. The last one was very tiring!

Our top judo player (Freya) got all 7 wins that means 4 points. Everyone else did very well to and tried there best. No one went into the bucket today. The bucket is something in judo that if you lose you go to.

By Kairan