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Woodborough School Remembers

Last Friday, we and all of the classes made and preformed an assembly named Woodborough School remembers.We started with Mrs Brewis introducing the assembly leading into year six performing a drama with music named ‘Lost without you’ by Freya Ridings. After we did the drama, we presented our work starting with letters from the trenches and we wrote letters as an evacuee to our parents to have a feel for what it was like for them. Soon Molly.S and Ollie.B handed the microphone over to year 5 who shared there remarkable war time based poems. Year 4 then shared descriptions of what they saw when they were leaving as an evacuee at a train station. Next Year 3 presented what they’d take in their evacuee suitcase.

After this, we all sang war time songs including The White Cliffs of Dover. Next, Year 6 had to either be waiters and waitresses or speak to some family members to find out more about WW1 and 2. We were all very proud of our work and Mrs Wren was extremely proud of us speaking so confidently to our visitors.

By Alfie

Making toys – Make do and mend.

We started to make toys out of fabric and cloth. Some of us made elephants and some of us made birds. We had a set of instructions which were: cut out paper template, draw around the template with pen twice, cut out, have a go at stitches. The cutting of the material was tricky and we will continue these next week.

By Annie

Anti-Bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week ; our theme is We Choose Respect. In our collective worship on Monday we watched a video with children talking about what respect means. In class we got into 2s or 3s and we got given a letter from the word respect and had to write down words that relate to respect and draw pictures to represent this. This is the poster promoting anti-bullying week.

By Ethan

WW2 Day!

This morning, we walked into the school hall and had to get a label. Then we had to go to wait at the front of the hall – the train station – and then there was an air ride siren , that meant that we had to run to our class rooms and hide under the table.

Following this, we wrote letters back to our parents as evacuees. We had to imagine the journey we would have taken on the train, plus our feelings as we met our new guardians and house.

After this we learnt about rationing. We used war time recipes – carrot cake and potato scones. We also worked out how much our families would get per week by using the rationing system from ww2. We were surprised at how little sugar there was!

As well as rationed food, people also had ration books for clothing and materials. This term we are going to be making soft toys out of scraps of materials – the motto being ‘Make do and mend’. We visited the ration sewing shop and used coupons to get our materials.

Throughout the day if the air raid siren was heard we had to shelter under our desks until we were given the all clear to come out. We had a visit from Mrs Burley who explained about air raid shelters a little more and gave us the opportunity to pass around some old gas masks.

This afternoon we learnt about the end of the war – war time songs were sung and bunting made for our VE Day street party.

The VE Day party was lots of fun with trying food (including spam sandwiches) singing and celebrations.

Writing letters from the trenches…

Today we watched the Christmas Truce from World War 1. It was a video in the form of the Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas advert. In the film, Jim – a soldier from the trenches – takes the brave step over the top where he meets Otto a German soldier. The troops exchange gifts, play football and enjoy Christmas together.

We have started to write letters from Jim to Rose – his wife. We will finish these off tomorrow and add them onto our classroom display.

We have also displayed all of our poppies and creative soldier silhouettes around the school – please do take the time to look and read these.

A day of Poppies…

Today willow Class painted poppies onto pebbles and attempted to even do the stalk. These will go on display outside the phone box – do look out for them. Before that, we were practicing for the Remembrance Service on Friday. Please do join us on Friday morning at 10.40am.

By Devon

Remembrance preparations

Yesterday we began preparations for the Remembrance service on Friday. In our class and other classes, and maybe around other towns, there are perspex soldiers which are meant to be there but not there. The soldiers are meant to be remembered in your heart but you can’t see them, that’s why they’re transparent.

Also in the morning, during English, we were given a letter (written by a First World War soldier) between our talking partner. We were also given a question sheet which we had to complete into our books. Here are some of our answers!

By Matthew and Nicholas

We Will Remember

Today (in Topic\computing) we were researching about WW1 – The Wiltshire regiment. We found lots of facts. Our best fact was their motto:

Honi soit qui mal y Pense (shame be he who thinks evil of it)

We have also got the start of an amazing display – thanks to Mrs Burley.

By Magnus