Monthly Archives: October 2018

Drawing our mechanimals!

Today in Art, we started to draw our mechanimals – for our non-chronological report. We started by copying the mechanimal from our English books. Then, we shaded them in with sketching pencils and made the background look old. Finally, we wrote a caption to go with our drawings. Here are some of them:

From Ethan.

Cogheart – Our Class book.

All term we have been reading Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. Our topic work (we are designers) and English work (first person narratives and non-chronological reports) have all focused on his ingenious mechanical creations.

On Saturday, some of us were lucky enough to meet Peter Bunzl at Salisbury Literature Festival. We designed mechanimals (mechanical animals) and made them move! We even got our books signed!

Mrs Wren tweeted pictures of our cam mechanisms and mechanimal designs. Peter Bunzl tweeted back – which we were very excited by!

We can’t wait to finish the book before half term and complete our non-chronological reports.

Our Judo theory test…

Today in willow Class (in the afternoon) we did our judo assessment taught by our teacher Mark. He was very impressed due to everyone’s amazing skills. We had to do 5 newaza pieces-which means on the floor-plus 2 tachywasa moves. If you are wondering this is how you say the two types of judo,

1. Knee-was-a

2. Tach-e-was-a.

One of our pieces we had to show was a transition between tachywasa and newaza.

Hope you enjoyed the blog- by Katelyn and Amelia.

Spanish and Art.

Today, Willow Class recapped how to say numbers from 1-20. Mrs Wren was quite surprised with how much we could remember so she gave us sums to calculate and we had to write the answer in Spanish. Some of us found this tricky but most of us enjoyed it and managed to move onto the extension ( writing our own sums and answering it in Spanish).

After that, we moved onto art. We began to bring our CogHeart cam mechanism ideas to life. We began to make the backdrop and characters which we all enjoyed doing. Tomorrow Mrs Burley (Ollie’s mum) will be coming in to help us create the structure for our toys. We can’t wait for everyone to see our finished cam toys.

By Skye and Molly.

7 pieces of judo COMPLETE

Today in judo, we have completed our first seven moves of judo. We have all tried our hardest practicing for our assessment next week to see if we can move up a rank. Near the end of our lesson, we did sumo wrestling. The first game was against our partners and the second match was winner stays in the ring. It was great fun but also hard work!

By Alfie