Monthly Archives: September 2018

Harvest Festival and Welcome Service

On Friday morning, we joined the rest of the school to take part in out harvest festival. We contributed towards the retelling of a story about the seed and its meaning at harvest time. Y6 did a brilliant job linking the story together with children from the other classes. Our favourite part of the service was singing the autumnal hymns. Well done Willow Class.

Mrs Wren

Marlborough Literature Festival

Today after lunch we went to Marlborough to listen to an author read part of his book. His story was very enjoyable and was about a boy who’s only friend was his school janitor the only thing about the janitor was that he was rubbish at his job and great at making small figures that came to life.But one day he went missing and no-one knew were he was and his figures came to life.The boy decided to look around his bedroom and found the moving figures. This led to an adventure…

By Ollie

Voltages and cams

In topic today we did voltages and cams. In our books we had to explain the different parts of a cam mechanics and had to draw a picture of what it was . We learnt about five different cams central circular ,eccentric circular, oval ,egg and snail. Next we learnt about voltages and we learnt that if you have too many voltes it will blow a bulb and won’t work.

By Millie and Magnus

Broadcasting a message

Today in computing, we went on scratch again and learnt about broadcasting a message and it was really fun. We also, tried to get the sprites to move after each other, and we also tried to make them speak which was really fun to watch.

At the end of the lesson we all shared our partner work with each other so that we could see how good we were at it.

Written by Matthew.N and Matthew.L


Today we learnt how to do the first part of a judo move. It was very entertaining and Mark – our Judo teacher – made some very funny jokes. It was so fun, thank you Mark we can’t wait until our grading! By Annie and Freya.

Christmas cards (yes we know it’s only September!)

Today in art we have started to make Christmas cards for the PTA fundraiser!

We had to cut out lots of different strips of green and red pieces of card and also Christmas wrapping paper.

It was quite hard to line them up and also cross them over each other.

After we had finished making the trees we had to stick it on to the card. Then we got to make a star and a pot but we will continue this next week!

By Skye

Cam Mechanisms

Today in Topic we focused on our new DT element of our topic which is Cam Mechanisms.

First we were shown an example Cam Mechanism and we discussed the names of the parts and their function. Secondly we were all given an activity which had empty boxes pointing to parts of the Cam Mechanism. At the bottom of the sheet there was a word bank. We had to put the correct words in the right boxes. When we finished the first activity we would go on to a second activity where we would have to write down what a certain part did. We are continuing this next week.

By Mattie and Katelyn