Monthly Archives: February 2018

Book Week

We’ve already been really busy in Book Week. We cheated (slightly) and began looking at our book – Snow White in New York – last week. We began by writing our own setting and character dialogue from the different scenes. This was then combined into our scripts which we are hoping to perform in Friday’s school meeting. On Monday, a drama teacher from Marlborough College came to work with us. He taught us some drama techniques which we are hoping to use in our performance.  On Monday, we also shared books with the children in Maple Class – for some of us a great chance to go back down memory lane – “I remember reading this!”


Spring Term

The Spring Term saw us all becoming detectives and investigating Light. A laptop had been stolen and we had to eliminate suspects by conducting various light experiments. Our scientific investigative skills certainly progressed as we had to consider how to make the testing fair; what did we have to measure, and what our variables might be.


We had a lovely Candlemas Service at school.

Class Workshop

Great excitement as we invited parents in to see our work. We’d each chosen what we wanted to talk about and then prepared books, photos, pictures and experiments to showcase our hard work so far. We all felt really proud and confident to talk to everyone who visited our tables.

and then of course we got an opportunity to share our work with the rest of the school.