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On Tuesday 19th of December everyone in KS2 had a Christmas party. We played fun games such as: under and over, musical statues and normal dancing.Halfway through, we had snacks and food – lots of food.Venus won under and over and all got sweets.We had lots of fun playing the corner game where the teachers put up pictures in each corner and call them out,if your’s is called out you are out and have to sit on the bench. Father  Christmas also paid us a visit. He gave us chocolates that we had to save until we got home. We also played games in the classrooms and are now very tired! 😴😴

By Callum and Ava.

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Christmas Dinner

On Thursday the 14th of December, everyone in the school had Christmas dinner. First, we had Cannon Larkey say a prayer  before we started to eat. After she had said her prayer, we sat down and started eating while the teachers served us. Everyone had a bit of everything. We pulled crackers and wore hats. We all got cracker gifts.

My joke was, “What do you call two robbers? “.

Answer: A pair of nickers!

We all had lots of fun and then went out to break!

written by Ethan and Carter


Grading in Judo

This term in Willow Class we have been doing Judo. Last Thursday we did are Judo test –  each pupil in Willow Class tried their best. It was tiring but fun. Mark (our Judo teacher) told us what are gradings were. Most of us got our yellow belt and some of us are very close to getting our orange belt. We are all very proud of ourselves and are looking forward to our last  judo session on Tuesday.

by Molly and Oliver