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Sports for Schools

OnMonday 20th November we did a sponsored sport event in the afternoon. It was lots of fun. Katrina Hart, a para- athlete, came to talk to us about how she got into sport and the practice she needs to do.

The first exercise was spotty dog ; it was very tiring. The second exercise was mountain climbers. This is where you get in a plank position and move your feet like a mountain climber going up a mountain. There was also a more difficult version as well where you had to cross your legs over. The third one was press ups and the we had to do star jumps. We tried to do them without the bounce but this was really tricky.

Morrigan and Zara were picked out by the leader as being really good at their exercises and they got a blue wristband.

We need to make sure our sponsor money is in by next Monday.

Written by Kairan and Caitlin.


Anti-bullying Week

Mrs Ballenden came in to give us an assembly to begin our anti-bullying week. She told us that bullying scars don’t heal by crunching up paper and trying to smooth it out again. The paper was still crinkled even though we tried our hardest to flatten it. At the end of the assembly, she got toothpaste and squirted it out into a cup. This showed us how quickly we could hurt people with words.


Later on in the week, we freeze-framed a bullying scene  and discussed it.

Then we talked about kindness and’random acts of kindness’. We thought of lots of different ways of being kind and made a kindness tree for the classroom.



In maths, Willow Class  have been doing fractions. We’ve done equivalent fractions and improper fractions. Also year 6 used whole numbers with the fractions. We call that mixed numbers. We also did adding and subtracting fractions. Overall we found it challenging but fun. Y6 have also been multiplying and dividing fractions which we enjoyed! Year 5 have been finding a fraction of an amount by dividing by the denominator and multiplying by the numerator! We have been working very hard and have got much  better at it!

Oscar and Carter



Egyptian Day part 2

Everyone dressed up in Egyptian costumes so we all looked as though we had just stepped out of a time machine. It was a really fun day and we now know what it would be like to be an Egyptian. We even mummified people by wrapping them in loo paper and putting in pieces of paper with messages and scarab beetles in!

By Mattie, Jake and Mattie’s Mum!

Egyptian Day

On Egyptian day, a man named Africanus Smith came in to visit us. He was the cousin of Indiana Jones (!). He was an Egyptologist. He brought in some artefacts as well as some extracts from the book of the dead. Some of it was fun and some of it was really interesting.

He passed round some artefacts like an eye of Horus necklace; a drinking horn; the ankh (which was a lucky symbol) ring, and a bronze wine jug.

We played two games that would have been played at a wealthy Egyptian ‘s burial ceremony. The first game was a relay race where we were split up into six groups and everyone had to put their hands on their knees like an ostrich.


Global Week

In Global Week we looked at Brazil and its festivals. We focussed on Rio Carnival and wrote our own diary recounts. We also had a go at throwing powder paint at a canvas  – like at the Holi festival (the festival of light). We also had a go at doing our own mathematical drawing of the Brazilian flag using compasses and rulers. It was pretty tricky. Oscar said that it was fun and hard!

We also had a go at setting up some science investigations on our Science Day.

By Caitlin and Zara

Marlborough Literature Festival

Year five and six went to the Marlborough Literature Festival to listen to the author Jason Beresford. He has written 3 books in a series but only two have been published at the moment. His first book is called The Four Fish fingers and the second Frozen Fish Fingers. His third book is waiting to be published.

He began by reading us the first chapter of his first book. Unlike other stories where the beginning is slightly boring, it was the opposite and incredibly funny.

Then, to top it all, he picked a person from every school (of which there were four) to play a character from the story. There were two girls and two boys. I was chosen to play Bel – pretty, polite Bel. The other characters were  Ruby, Jason and Morris. In the story they meet a goblin and he grants them one wish – one wish for all of them. The character Jason has the idea to make  them animals. Luckily he has an a-z of animals. Each character throws the book and it flutters down and lands on an animal and they have the powers of that animal. Bel was a nightingale.

Altogether, it is a really funny book. We all had a cracking time.

Written by Morrigan

We all enjoyed watching Morrigan portray the character Bel. It was very entertaining and so confidently done in front of an audience of strangers.