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Upgrading Poetry

Last week, we wrote poems about animals. We tried to create pictures with words. We wrote the poems in pairs. Each table had a different animal. There was an elephant, tiger, deer and peacock. We wrote the poems on big sheets of paper and then had to edit them. We swapped around so we had to help edit other people’s poems. Then we wrote them in our books.

by Sam and Oscar


 Zara’s poem Adam’s poem

First judo lesson of the year.

Willow Class had our first judo lesson with Mark.

We played some games and went over some things we learnt last year.

Tamzin’s favourite game was when we had to crawl along the floor and not get rolled over on our backs by the person in the middle.

Skye’s favourite part was when we had to do different moves to roll over our partners.

Nicholas enjoyed getting back into Judo and Jake enjoyed throwing people on the floor!

We really enjoyed our lesson and can’t wait for our next lesson.

By Tamzin and Skye

Our First Week Back in Willow Class

Our first blog post was written by Adam and Logan with a little help from the rest of Willow Class. We’ve a timetable so everyone will get a turn before Christmas.

On Monday in topic, we looked at South America and all of the countries in it. For our work we had a plain map of South America and we had to use an atlas to find the countries and capital cities.

On Tuesday in PE, we played football – king of the ring and then after that we practised our passing accuracy. In computing , we looked at Google Earth and South America.

On Thursday it was RE day. We learnt Psalm 23, ready to perform at the sharing assembly on Friday. We also made a combined picture of our Psalm. Will said we were like modern day Picasso.

On Friday it was our sharing assembly. According to Jake “we were absolutely fantastic – even stunning!”

Oscar enjoyed our first English cold task – writing a poem.

In the afternoon , we looked at the work of the artist Romero Britto and tried to copy his style.

By Adam and Logan with a little help from Willow Class.