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Day 4 of art week

Today we looked at the bible story of Elijah in the desert. The Y5 and 6 children acted it our for the younger children to watch. We discussed how the story demonstrates that we can trust in God. After this we worked in groups to create a storyboard of it – we used collage and had to trust each other when working in a group.



Day 3 Of art week…

Today in my art group we finished our paper people – can you tell who we trust?

After this, we focused on the birds from our banner. KS1 used finger paints in red, green, yellow, blue and purple. These are the colours each group are focusing on this year. We will cut these out tomorrow to display. They also weaved paper which we are going to turn into  a bird nest.

At the same time, KS2 created material birds using vibrant colours. These are similar to the birds that we are using on our banner.

Day 2 of art week.

Today we thought about how our hands are a symbol of trust. On our banner, a hand is held out and birds are flying into it. We have started to create a piece of artwork with our hands which links to a Bible quote.  This will be finished tomorrow…

During the morning, some of us also continued with sewing details on the birds ready for our beautiful banner.

At the end of the morning we thought about people who we trust. We started to design clothes for small paper people and will finish these off tomorrow.

It’s that time of year again…Art Week!

This year we are looking at 6 core values which make Woodborough School a special place. Each teacher has been given one of the values to focus on and a mixed group of children from Reception-Year 6! The idea is to work as a community and understand the values, expressing them through the arts. A team of fantastic parents are working hard on 6 giant banners which will depict each value and be hung in the school hall. The values are…Respect, Courage, Truthfulness, Kindness, Trust and Forgiveness.

In my class, we are looking at Trust and our colour is green. We started by thinking of synonyms for that word and worked in pairs to mould the words out of play dough. Next we decorated them with sequins, buttons and glitter. All of the words have been displayed as a giant wordle. We will add different decorations to this during the week so be sure to pop along to Art Week School Meeting at 2.30pm on Friday to see the finished creation.

In addition to this we had a 1 hour workshop with Cheryl from Marlborough Dance. We worked in small groups to create a sequence including trust balances. This will be performed in school meeting on Friday.

Here are some photos so far. To see photos of other children from Willow, you will need to scroll through the other class blogs which can be found on the school website.

Year 6 Leavers’ Service and Salisbury Cathedral

Today, all of Year 6 took part in a performance-inspired leavers service at Salisbury Cathedral. We joined with schools from around the Diocese to celebrate transitioning from primary to secondary school.

During the morning, we split into three groups: two groups worked on drama activities whilst one group created pieces of art. Group 1 collaborated with children from other schools to act out being the roots of a mustard seed. They had to think about the movement that they would create and used a Mexican wave effect. Group 2 acted out being gardeners hard at work, planting the mustard seed. The third group created intricate flower garlands to represent the beauty of the tree flowering.

After lunch,  all 300 children from the many schools came together to take part in the special service led by a local theatre group. The whole service was inspired by The Mustard Seed and told the story of how a seed grows, develops and blossoms. It was inspiring to see all of the children contribute to one powerful performance. All of the children took part sensibly and with enthusiasm, representing the school fantastically. Prayers and interactive hymns were woven into the story and contributed towards a memorable experience for everyone involved. Well done Willow Class.

Photos to follow tomorrow…

Shadow suspects

As part of our topic we are investigating a crime scene. Gradually by solving light experiments we are eliminating potential suspects. This week we worked in groups to investigate how shadows change and this would determine which suspects shadow was too small or large. It was tricky making sure that it was a fair test because there were so many variables. However, we preserved and in some cases recorded two sets of data so we could clarify our results. We wrote up these investigations, recording data in tables before turning the results into line graphs. We now all understand about how shadows change depending on how close the object is to the light source. Please ask us to explain!