Daily Archives: May 18, 2017

Quidditch for muggles!

In PE this afternoon we took to the skies to play…..quidditch! Well we played the muggle equivalent which didn’t involve broomsticks or a flying golden snitch. Instead, we adapted the rules and had a very speedy human snitch which had to be caught to win 110 points and finish the game. Quaffles (soft balls) were thrown around using handball rules and could score 10 points through human hoops at either end of the pitch. To complicate matters, budgers (soft balls) were hit with tennis rackets at opponents to cause them to freeze, until they were free by a team mate! A very competitive game resulted in a worn out human snitch and lots of laughter! We shall have a re-match next week!

Our magical school trip…

Our trip to Warner Brothers Studio yesterday was incredible! Even those who aren’t avid Harry Potter fans were blown away by the experience. Everyone was overwhelmed by the props, sets, costumes and special effects on show. There wasn’t a moment to spare with Great Hall entrances, screenplay writing workshops, broomstick rides, spider-filled forests, walks along Diagon Alley and a trip to the wand shop! Hopefully the pictures give you a slight insight into what a magic-filled  day we had (although I am sure they don’t do it justice!)

We will be using this trip as a stimulus for writing, both at the end of this term and into Term 6 as well. Today more children have already started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and hopefully more will follow…

Thank you again to all of the helpers who made the trip possible – it is very much appreciated.