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Final week of term…

The final week of term 5 proved to be just as busy as the rest of this short term! Throughout the week we worked hard on our setting descriptions – this followed on from the brilliant trip the week before. We described Hagrid’s Hut, Snape’s Potion Room, The Great Hall, The Burrow or Diagonal Alley. We focused on using higher level vocabulary and figurative language. We will seesaw these home at the start of term 6 – please look out for them and comment.

On Wednesday two boys’ cricket teams entered the Collingbourne Cricket Festival. It was a stifling hot day but all of the children played incredibly well and we finished in 2nd and 3rd position overall. Pictures and sports reports written by the children can be found on the sports blog Please do like, comment and follow the blog. They can also be found on the sports display in the entranceway.

On Thursday the whole school ascended Woodborough Hill for Ascension Day. Again the weather was glorious and Willow Class were particularly good role models for their buddies in Oak Class. Once up the hill, Rev. Larkey led a special collective worship. We learnt an action prayer before enjoying lunch in the sunshine. Following this, we had time to play at the top of the hill before descending back to school.

An enjoyable and sunny way to finish Term 5! Please make sure you check the calendar on the school website as there are lots of important dates for Year 6 next term. Also check that you are still linked to Seesaw as reminders will be sent out this way as well.


How does light travel?

As part of our topic, ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ We investigated how light travels. We set up an investigation, discussing variables and controls. As we did the experiment we made predictions, recording our method and results as a science investigation. Through carrying out the investigation we have found that light does travel in straight lines.

Quidditch for muggles!

In PE this afternoon we took to the skies to play…..quidditch! Well we played the muggle equivalent which didn’t involve broomsticks or a flying golden snitch. Instead, we adapted the rules and had a very speedy human snitch which had to be caught to win 110 points and finish the game. Quaffles (soft balls) were thrown around using handball rules and could score 10 points through human hoops at either end of the pitch. To complicate matters, budgers (soft balls) were hit with tennis rackets at opponents to cause them to freeze, until they were free by a team mate! A very competitive game resulted in a worn out human snitch and lots of laughter! We shall have a re-match next week!

Our magical school trip…

Our trip to Warner Brothers Studio yesterday was incredible! Even those who aren’t avid Harry Potter fans were blown away by the experience. Everyone was overwhelmed by the props, sets, costumes and special effects on show. There wasn’t a moment to spare with Great Hall entrances, screenplay writing workshops, broomstick rides, spider-filled forests, walks along Diagon Alley and a trip to the wand shop! Hopefully the pictures give you a slight insight into what a magic-filled  day we had (although I am sure they don’t do it justice!)

We will be using this trip as a stimulus for writing, both at the end of this term and into Term 6 as well. Today more children have already started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and hopefully more will follow…

Thank you again to all of the helpers who made the trip possible – it is very much appreciated.



Circles and setting descriptions.

In Maths today we continued to construct circles. Some of us then went on to construct semi-circles, quadrants and sectors of circles which involved us using a pair of compasses and a protractor! At the end of the lesson Mrs Wren challenged us to construct patterns using 5 or 7 circles of the same size.

In English we have started to explore the setting description in the Harry Potter series. We split into 2 groups to use talk 4 writing. One half of the class were looking at the moving staircases and the other half looked at Gringotts – the wizarding bank. We have started to realise that J.K.Rowling has used expanded noun phrases, senses and figurative language in her setting descriptions. We look forward to our trip to Warner Brother Studios tomorrow where we will experience some of the sets used in the Harry Potter films.

Art, milkshakes and rounders 😀

Today we enjoyed a range of post-SATs activities. We spent the morning creating pieces of artwork for the North Newnton Church art exhibition.  The pieces had to be our favourite thing in nature and we could use sketching pencils or water colour paints.

Whilst this was going on, we also made smoothies and milkshakes! Some of us made mango smoothie, whereas others chose from oreo, galaxy or milky bar milkshakes. They were delicious! It was also very funny when Mrs Redpath had a near milkshake disaster! In addition to this we started listening to the audio book of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in preparation for our trip next Wednesday.

Some of us were interviewed by BBC Radio Wiltshire and will feature on the afternoon show each day next week. Please see details on this weeks school newsletter. Well done to those children who spoke clearly me with confidence.

At lunchtime the heavens opened and we were slightly concerned that the sports afternoon we had planned would be rained off! However much to our delight, the clouds passed and the sun came out in the afternoon meaning we played a very impressive game of rounders.


A fun-filled day in Willow Class




How to survive….

This afternoon, after our final SATs test, we took part in a very different type of learning….. in the woods. Mrs Wren said that we had been stranded on an island that had a forest and that we had to survive. We thought about location, shelter, food and water sources. Our shelters were varied and some were well camouflaged. We all loved our afternoon in the woods 😀🌳🍃

Pop art and maths graffiti

After working hard during our maths SATs this morning we spent some time researching pop art. We created e-books on the iPads and found out who is well known for pop art and where the art movement started.

This afternoon we created maths graffiti! We thought about the topics in maths that hadn’t come up in the maths tests today and wrote down everything we knew about them. This included area and perimeter, algebra, angles, translation, working backwards and negative numbers. We feel fully prepared for tomorrow 😀

Jam packed week

Following on from the Bank Holiday we managed to pack lots of learning into a very short space of time! In art we have started to explore Pop Art – we tried to replicate existing pieces of art.

We continued to play lots of sport as well. Our favourite was our second tennis lesson where we paired up to try and score the highest rally possible!

We also worked extremely hard in our maths and English lessons, revising all of the topics we have covered this year. Here we are quizzing our partners using our SPAG flash cards.

Remember pre-SATs breakfast is tomorrow from 8.15am in Willow Class.