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Multi tasking

After lunch, the community support police came in to class to talk to us about bad drugs and good drugs and about what we can and can’t do. For example, the drugs you buy in shops such as boots are good drugs.

Then, we did art and focused on our Victorian invention. We sketched our invention then smudged it, after that, some of us coloured in our back ground with water colour. We all had a fantastic day!

By Jake


Pie charts

Maths week is focusing on statistics. The first couple of sessions have been about pie charts and how to interpret them. We are now able to find percentages using pie charts as well as calculate answers. We are working hard on ‘explain how’ questions which require us to write sentences in maths but back up our answers with statistics and data.

Gymnastics routines

This afternoon we took full advantage of the beautiful sunshine and took our gymnastics lesson outside. We moved all of the mats on the field and started by working on forward rolls. All of us improved these significantly throughout the lesson. Afterwards we learnt a short sequence in-which we had to consider poise and balance. We look forward to another gymnastics lesson next week.


Mothering Sunday Service

This afternoon we enjoyed a bright and cheerful Mothering Sunday Service. The children have been busy this week making their vibrant flowers for their mums. We heard some of the lovely messages read out and loved the special video that Mrs Johanson put together. Thank you to all of you who joined us for this special event. We hope you enjoyed the tea and cake afterwards?

Today in maths we were recapping co-ordinates.  We had a sheet with a x and y axis and had to find the co-ordinates of the letters or the other way round. In C , the hardest section, you had to find the letters of the co-ordinates to spell out a capital city. Some of us had to resort to atlases to help us.

This afternoon we learnt some combination moves in dance. They were tricky but we persevered!


Reading as a whole class and 3D shapes….

This morning in Willow Class we continued reading Cogheart. Mrs Wren read an extract from the book and we listened intently, picking out key information and interpreting it. We answered questions about characters feelings, how they changed over time and discussed unknown vocabulary.

In our maths lesson we named 3D shapes and described their properties. Do you know the alternative name for a triangular based pyramid? If you don’t …..please ask us to explain!

Focused work in Willow Class.

So far this week, we have been working exceptionally hard in both maths and English. In English we have been developing and broadening our vocabulary. We are discussing any new words we discover in our reading books and then using them in sentences, as well as thinking of antonyms and synonyms. Here we are using Kung Fu punctuation when we included our word of the week ‘bewildered’ in a sentence.

In addition, we have been revising all of the punctuation and grammar terms we have to know in Year 6. We have started our own mini glossaries to help with this!

In maths we have been hard at work too – this week, constructing quadrilaterals and triangles using rulers and protractors. We have learnt that we must be very accurate with our measuring and that sharp pencils are essential! We continue with constructing more 2D shapes tomorrow…

We paint white roses red !

Today in English we were looking at adjectives to describe the characters in our book, then using a thesaurus we had to up-level them.  This afternoon in our very last session of book week we made roses out of paper.  Using pages photocopied from the book we had to cut out, curl and assemble the flowers – this proved to be quite tricky but we persevered !


We are all mad here!

This afternoon, we all went to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Everybody wore their Mad hats and took their tea cups and saucers with them. We started by performing The Jabberwocky to all of the guests at the party. We worked hard to perform this poem with musical accompaniments. After this, we were served squash from tea pots, a variety of sandwiches and cakes! At the end of the tea party, two groups of us performed sketches from Alice in Wonderland. A very Mad but exciting World Book Day!