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Working hard in Wonderland.

In maths we did Alice in numberland solving word problems and puzzles to do with: the white rabbit’s time keeping, the lengths of Alice’s ribbons, the Mad Hatter’s table perimeter and the caterpillar’s number sequences. In English we created a conscience Alley, with each side having to persuade Alice to either eat the cake or not. We then used our knowledge to write a persuasive letter to Alice.

By Lucy

Book Week, Read Me

At the start of school we had to wait for the teachers to collect us. Then we went into the hall and watched a video to put us off the scent of the theme. After that we went around to the front door and went surprisingly into a rabbit hole and through a miniature door. We were in Wonderland! With bizarre animals, a Mad Hatters Tea party, flowers, a Cheshire Cat and playing cards galore! After we had found out our theme, we went into class and did some Alice in Numberland(maths).Then after lunch, we went back down the rabbit hole and did some English which was a diary entry of Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole! We even found time to share books with children in Maple and Oak class!


Children should be seen and not heard

Today children arrived at Victorian School to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. They were given Victorian names and had to sit in rows and individual desks. Children learnt cursive script and used copy books as well as slate and chalk. Arithmetic involved chanting times tables and reading was learning poems and reciting from the Bible.

After our Victorian lunch of bread and cheese, we joined all ks2 classes for drills outside. We then split into boys and girls. Girls learnt how to do decoupage and boys learnt how to make a simple cone and ball game, how to design a vegetable patch and about the Union Jack.

Many of us have decided that Victorian teachers are far more strict and the lessons aren’t as interesting! Some of us even experienced the dunces hat!  Continue reading Children should be seen and not heard

Street Jazz

Today in PE we had our first lesson Street Jazz. first we went through four different dance moves, some of which were quite difficult. We then split into groups of three and put together a small sequence with a minimum of two moves. After we had practised, we performed our dance to another group and received two compliments and something to work on.

by Tom

A delivery for Mrs Brewis

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on our persuasive letters. Each of us wrote a letter to Mrs Brewis persuading her that Willow Class deserve a new interactive whiteboard. On Friday afternoon we had all finished the final versions and delivered the envelope to Mrs Brewis so that she can read them over half term.

Inter house hockey

On Thursday in our PE lessons we have been learning how to play hockey. We tested our hockey skills by doing an inter house competition. All of the houses played each other and by the end Venus came first, Mercury second, Jupiter third and Mars last. However Mrs Wren was impressed by how much our skills had developed over the term.

by Fred




Editing our English

Today in English we were looking at a text written by a year 6 student. We used our year 6 writing checklist to find out if the text had all of the things needed to make our writing better. This included things such as semi-colons, modal verbs, co-ordinating conjunctions and lots more. Tomorrow we will be editing our own work to make sure that it is our best ever work.

By Ruby