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Christmas Parties

We all enjoyed plenty of party food!

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This afternoon, we got dressed into party clothes and into the festive spirit. We started by playing games in the classroom. We split into two teams and played articulate, followed by heads up (a version of charades) on the iPad. We got very competitive!

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After this we headed into the hall for more games with KS2 and impressed the teachers with lots of festive dancing!

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Digestive system experiment!

This afternoon we simulated how the digestive system works by carrying out an investigation. It involved mixing together a banana, crackers, orange juice, water and chocolate sauce. We then used tights as the intestines to see how water and nutrients are absorbed into the body. Finally, the waste products were squeezed out! We all loved this lesson and learnt lots about how the digestive system works…

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Winter poetry

Today we planned and started to write a winter poem. We used the app popplet to plan the poems, which were based around a festive scene. We had to try and include as much figurative language as possible. We hope to  write the rest of our poems tomorrow.

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Exploring winter poetry

This morning we started looking at a range of winter poems. We worked in groups to identify similes, alliteration, metaphors, personification, expanded noun phrases and any use of the senses. We found lots of personification which we admired, as well as numerous similes. However we didn’t find any metaphors! We have recorded all of these on posters so that we can use interesting vocabulary and phrasing when we write our own poems tomorrow.

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Science – a healthy lifestyle.

This afternoon we had a cross curricular lesson on a healthy lifestyle. This was a topic, PSHE and PE lesson all rolled into one! We discussed what makes up a healthy diet and made a healthy meal plan for one day. We had to make sure that we had things from each food group. Next we moved onto looking at exercise. We measured our resting pulse rate and recorded this, then recorded our pulse rate again after exercise. We all noticed that our pulse rates had increased and we talked about why we need more oxygen when we are exercising.

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Advent calendar

Each class has received ‘The real advent calendar’ from the church. We have enjoyed opening the doors each day and reading the next part of the Christmas story. Today we were given a thinking task in the booklet. We had to think about whether we would send any charity Christmas cards. We discussed what charity cards were and are all keen to look out for the charities mentioned on any cards that we give or receive over the festive period.

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Our fun Spanish lesson

Yesterday in Spanish we learnt how to say different animals. For example mono is a monkey and  gato is cat . We made dice with different animals on each side. We then played a game where we named the amimal or animal on the side. It was extremely fun.

Written by Josephine and Lucy.

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