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Diving deeper in maths and haunted animations.

Our maths starter this morning involved #diving deeper with a talk partner. We were given a statement such as ‘The total of 3 consequtive numbers is divisible by 3’. We then had to explain whether this is always, sometimes or never true. Of course Mrs Wren wanted us to #prove it as well. These really made us think…


In keeping with the time of year, we carried on with our scratch animations set in a haunted house. Today we tried to change the backdrops which proved very challenging!

img_1112 img_1113

Global Week Cooking

During the afternoon we split into 3 groups to start a rotation of activities. One group started with cooking today, whilst the other two were writing recipes and investigating food miles on using maps.

The cookery group made quick and easy couscous. They discussed that it is the international year of the pulse, before carefully following the recipe. All children will have a go at this, when we rotate activities tomorrow.

13-10-2016 141651 13-10-2016 135047 13-10-2016 135300 13-10-2016 141541

Night Fury description

Today we have started talk for writing again…..this time for a character description of a Night Fury, which is the main dragon in our class book.

We have already learnt the first paragraph with the help of a text map and actions.

image image image

This afternoon, we carried on with our Global Week focus. We had a class discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of shopping at local shops/markets vs supermarkets. Following this, we took part in a class debate, which we have filmed and hope to share in Global Week School Meeting.

World Food Day art

World Food Day 2016 looks at seven areas related to food and agriculture where change needs to happen, if we want to deal with climate change. This is how we can help stop world hunger. The seven ares are forestry, agriculture, livestock management, food waste, natural resources, fisheries and food systems. Willow class have focused on natural resources.

The earth provides us with everything we need to grow Food and live healthy lives, in the form of natural resources. These resources are land, water, animals and plants. If we want to be able to continue to grow enough safe and nutritious Food for everyone on the plant we have to protect our natural resources. So we have also considered preserving these resources by not wanting water, eating new things, buying organically and using solar panels.

Each class have taken a piece of artwork to finish off from the World Food Day booklet.

IMG_0001 IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0008 IMG_0011


Global Week – food shop!

This years Global Week theme is all to do with World Food Day. We are thinking about how climate change means we need to change our food and agricultural habits. In Willow Class we are focusing on where our food comes from and how this may effect the environment and people around the world.

This morning, 4 children were chosen to go to Co op in Pewsey to buy the ingredients for some cooking that the whole class will do later in the week. Here are the maths questions they had to complete along the way…


Rjay explained, “It was tricky working out the cost of the onions because we had to weigh them on the scales.”

Georgie said, “There was a lot to do – collecting all of the ingredients and working out the cost!”

Paige exclaimed, ” It was hard adding up the final total and working out the change we should get back!”

Jessica said, ” The adding up of all the ingredients at the end was most challenging, but we did have fun!”

Despite all of the tricky maths and written methods that were used, we did come back with all of the ingredients which we will use to make a savoury dish, later in the week!