Monthly Archives: May 2016

Author Visit – Joffre White

Willow Class had a very successful visit from Joffre White yesterday. He was very inspirational and motivating and certainly enthused the children. He set us the challenge of writing a short story with the best stories (2 girls and 2 boys) sent off to be published on his website. We’d better get busy scribbling …



Still Learning!

Post-sats we’re still managing to continue with our learning. At the moment we’re researching and planning a holiday, ready to present to the rest of the class in power-point format; getting our ideas together to write a fantasy story, and learning about how our digestive system works.

Yesterday, we made ‘poo’ from banana, oats, coffee and chocolate to learn about it’s journey from mouth to … well you know where! Lots of fun and enthusiasm (and pairs of tights which substituted as our intestines)!



For all those eager parents out there, the sats papers have now been sent away to be marked. Schools can access the results from early to mid-July. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the papers the children sat, they have to be kept under lock and key until the end of this week and then they can be viewed in school. Contact me if you are interested in seeing them.

SATs are over!

We’re ALL feeling rather relieved in Willow Class. Gone are the revision sheets and life can get back to normal. We all had a good time in the sun on Friday afternoon, playing games and eating crisps, pizza and home-baked cookies (baked by some Willow Class members the previous morning).

Here are some photos.

P1090622 P1090619 P1090616 P1090596