Monthly Archives: March 2016

Sport Relief

P1090528 P1090522 P1090521 P1090535Today we ran, biked and scooted for sport relief.

Jo from SUSTRANS came and set out an obstacle course with ramps, arches, bean bags and plastic ducks. We kept going for 20 minutes!

We thoroughly enjoyed it as our photographs show!

Advance notice of our next evening talk organised by the Governors. It’s on April 14th at 6.30pm. This time it will be by Verity Sharp about being a musician and her career as a radio presenter at the BBC. Please come and join us on the evening for an entertaining talk and nibbles!

BMX Magic

On Monday, Mati Hemmings a professional BMX rider came in to show everyone his tricks. This is part of the bike it+ programme which we’ve been involved with this year.

After watching and wowing at his stunts in an assembly in the morning, some of us had a go at simple moves in the afternoon (closely supervised of course!).

P1090487 P1090495 P1090497


Yesterday we put our persuasive writing skills to the test and had a debate! Our questions to discuss were ‘Are picture books just for younger readers?’ and ‘Do we need paper books any more?’ The children were split into groups to plan their arguments and the points that they wanted to raise. They presented their points to the rest of the class who then had to vote on the ‘motion’. We did have heated discussions – particularly over the issue of cutting down trees and recycling! Apparently we were ahead of the game. This morning on breakfast TV, there was a report about whether picture books were valuable for adult readers. As a class we agreed that picture books were great for older readers and that paper books were definitely still needed. Here are some pictures of us planning our discussions.

P1090466 P1090467