Monthly Archives: February 2016

The end of term 3

We’ve had a busy end to our week!

On Thursday, we went to the Life Exhibition at St. John’s Church in Pewsey. The exhibition was very fast paced and interactive and ended with some time at the ‘cafe’ in the church.P1090390 P1090393 P1090400

While we were there, School Council took the opportunity to present a cheque for £50 from their funds to some of the ‘Open the Book’ readers (they come into school and do our Wednesday assembly) who are visiting St Timothy’s School in Southern Sudan. The money will be used to buy much needed resources for the children out there.P1090396

Then in the afternoon, some of the children went off to a Gymnastics Festival. Well done to everyone as they came 3rd and 6th and Edie won a medal. More information on the sports blog to follow!

As if that wasn’t busy enough, we then had the first of our talks organised by the Governors in the evening. Lots of us came back to listen to Dr. Mark Fife talk about his work and experiences in Sierra Leone during the recent Ebola crisis there. It was very interesting and informative and I had lots of positive comments afterwards about how good the questions were that the Year 6 asked afterwards. Very well done to them.

Today we had our Multiplication awards. Well done to Phoebe, Evie and James who progressed to their next levels.


Hello Everyone and welcome to our new look blog.

We all had a very exciting day on Friday when we learnt how to mend punctures with the bike it plus people. All of us successfully managed to find the hole; roughen round it; add glue, and then successfully fix ‘sticky plaster!’

In addition, in class we’ve been working hard on our 500 hundred word story writing competition for Radio 2. Lots of interesting ideas but we’re still editing and redrafting so not ready to publish yet.

image P1090373