Monthly Archives: October 2015

Global Week

Global Week this year is all about countries in the Rugby World Cup and each day is focussing on a different subject. Monday was computing so we researched our country – Canada.
Did you know…
Most Canadians live within 150 miles of the USA border. (Poppy)
Inuits live further north and are the indigenous people. (Phoebe).
Lemmings live there and sleep in tunnels and burrows and are very neat and tidy! (Liam)
Niagra Falls is actually 3 waterfalls and none of them are called Niagra Falls. That’s the name of a town nearby. (Scarlett and James).
Canada got it’s name by mistake. The French explorer (Jaques  Cartier) misunderstood what the Inuits said. (Kaia).
The highest mountain is Mount Logan (19,551 ft). (Archie)
Tuesday was World Literacy Day and we looked at a traditional Inuit tale called The Crow brings Daylight. We acted it out or freeze-framed it (pictures attached). Then in the afternoon we painted pictures from it.imageimage


Our visit to Marlborough literature festival.

On Friday afternoon we all went to Marlborough Town Hall for an author talk by Jane Hardstaff. It was an opportunity to listen to her talk about how she sets about writing her books and to listen to her reading her own work. She grew up around Marlborough and used some of the local areas as settings for her characters.
“It was very interesting to see how authors structure and plan their books.” Aoife
“It was fascinating to learn about the Tudor period through her book.” Holly
“She made it an interesting talk. I enjoyed the quiz”. Poppy
“I wanted to read the rest of her book straight away. And I did! I’m now on the sequel.” Isobel