Monthly Archives: September 2015

Improving our writing

We’ve been looking at different fiction genres in our English work and how to improve our own writing. We’ve considered things like how we construct our sentences, vocabulary and adjusting the pace of our writing by using short and long sentences. Phew! It’s a lot to remember. Here are some excerpts from our recent writing.

I stumbled quite a bit but it was worth it. There it was. The castle. My heart raced. Evie

Either side of me, lanterns lit the way forward. Sprinting through the petrifying graveyard, it felt like graves were turning and staring at me. Harvey

There was a creaking sound. I froze. A drop of water dripped to the flooded ground. I turned. James

Finally I reach the rusty iron gates. Reaching out to open them, the startled crows rose up like a black sheet. Zoe

A musty smelling corridor appeared. My shoes clicked against the floor. A drip splashed onto my arm. It was endless. The corridor seemed to go on forever. What would I find at the other end? Kaia

Secondary School Admissions

Children in Year 6 will be transferring to secondary school in September 2016

The deadline for applications for secondary school admissions is 31st October 2015

Application forms are available from school or you can apply online by
following this link

Secondary schools that you might be considering are currently hosting open days and evenings for pupils and parents. More information can be found via the following links:

Pewsey Vale School, Open Evening – 24th September
Lavington School, Open Day – 18th September
Devizes School Tours – 1st & 7th October
St John’s Marlborough, Year 6 Open Evening – 7th October

End of our first full week

Zoe thinks we’ve been working hard all week and learnt lots of new facts!  We have discovered lots of interesting things about Viking longships and brushed up our subtraction skills in maths. After we had learnt about it, Harvey said that it was quite easy now. 

Kaia has loved the work we’ve done on different genres this week. Fantasy was her favourite.