Leavers’ BBQ

Last night everyone enjoyed team games, dancing, delicious food, an incredible cake and so much more. Willow Class would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who worked so hard to put together such a memorable evening 😀 Here are a few highlights from the evening…..

What a knight!

What a knight was fantastic! We’ve never heard so many people complimenting us on our incredible acting, singing, dancing and comic timing! The story was set on King Arthur’s birthday. The evil black knight uses Camelot’s merrymaking for a chance to attack. She kidnaps Arthur’s daughters in an attempt to get Excalibur. The knights ( … Continue reading What a knight!

Police Talk

This afternoon we were joined by PC Paul who talked to us about keeping safe in the community. We were reminded about how to contact the emergency services if we need to and know there are two telephone numbers we can use. Do ask us if we can explain when to use the two numbers. … Continue reading Police Talk