SATs are over!

Sats are over for Year 6 – finally! We went to the woods to make houses for some little friends! Special refreshments were available as we all got designing and making. Lots of fun was had constructing some very high-end luxurious abodes.

Book Week

We’ve already been really busy in Book Week. We cheated (slightly) and began looking at our book – Snow White in New York – last week. We began by writing our own setting and character dialogue from the different scenes. This was then combined into our scripts which we are hoping to perform in Friday’s … Continue reading Book Week

Spring Term

The Spring Term saw us all becoming detectives and investigating Light. A laptop had been stolen and we had to eliminate suspects by conducting various light experiments. Our scientific investigative skills certainly progressed as we had to consider how to make the testing fair; what did we have to measure, and what our variables might … Continue reading Spring Term


On Tuesday 19th of December everyone in KS2 had a Christmas party. We played fun games such as: under and over, musical statues and normal dancing.Halfway through, we had snacks and food – lots of food.Venus won under and over and all got sweets.We had lots of fun playing the corner game where the teachers … Continue reading PARTY!